Do you ever think about what our world would be like if we went completely green? Now, I’m not talking about the green as in planting so many trees we aim to regrow forests, green. While that is very good, I might be criticized for not being realistic with you. In any way, I’m talking about the new generation’s craze with green energy.

To clarify, green energy is a renewable source of energy that incorporates solar, wind, geothermal and nuclear energy sources. They are beneficial to our planet because they are replenished in a natural manner without much harm to others around us. Non-renewable energy sources don’t directly impact humans but they will eventually when pollution levels become toxic to live in. I hope this never happens but the news tells otherwise.

On Wednesday, the Green Party of Canada released its plan to help workers in the fossil fuel industry transition to the renewable energy industry. This comes with some sighs fo relief given the social media posts claiming we only have 18 months till our planet will suffer from actions that are irreversible. I’m not sure how we should be reacting to this considering we have been told to clean up our acts for a couple of years now.

With people like Greta Thunberg headlining environmental news every other day, I am hopeful that there is something we will be able to do to lessen the impact of climate change on Earth. However, it seems difficult to do so among the noise that distracts our focus away from environmental issues. If 18 months is all we have left before we settle into an irreversible period, I vote that we should try to at least focus on issues that aim to deal with the actual problem at hand: climate change.

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