Dimensions Magazine

My sister and I started this initiative. With a team, we publish magazine editions promoting STEM topics every season. Our hope is to make science more accessible as well as to boost science literacy

Handmade cards

I’ve always liked making cards and so over the pandemic I started a little side business. Here are a few snapshots of cards that I’ve made so far. If you like what you see feel free to follow my page on Instagram (@madebyan1ka) to put in a specific request or to see more of my work.


My sister and I started a podcast for fun called Joined at the Hip. Take a listen on any one of your favourite platforms linked below.


I love playing sports. Running is one sport in particular that I’ve been doing for a long time. I find it is a great way to blow off some steam.

Science fair

I was a student advisor of my regional science fair from 2018-19. For anyone interested in presenting at a science fair or preparing to present their work, check out some tips me and my fellow advisors came up with.


I really enjoy travelling. I’ve visited several countries with my family. Here’s a map of places I’ve lived in and visited. I hope to continue travelling.