I hope that we are all aware of the fires that have recently been spreading across our nation which were in some manner foreshadowed by the ruptures of fires down south with our neighbours. But, to environmentalists anywhere, it’s a huge indication of the toll Mother Nature can take upon even its most beautiful and natural of habitats.

British Columbia is one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces, at least in my opinion. Its breathtaking views of mountain terrain and proximity to the water make it one of my favorite places to visit in my homeland. Unfortunately, since the end of June, many wildfires have spread across the province putting their hands on and over everything within arms reach. The causes are reportedly due to existing dry and damp conditions with additional thunderstorms and lightning being the final thread to produce such a large-scale natural disaster undefeatable by humans alone.

Since the start, more than 500 wildfires have blazed through B.C. causing distress among citizens. Besides the fire, people’s minds are running with the thoughts of the aftermath of the flames. Environment Canada said that it’s not just the fires that we should be worrying about, but also the lingering smoke. The additional heat makes for another contributor to climate change, which raises further questions about the current situation and the sustainability of our planet.

In the discussion about smoke, as fires continue to move through different pockets in B.C., the effects of the fires are witnessed and experienced in major neighboring cities. Take Calgary for example. Most of the city is living with a thick hazy fog trailing over them. It is a similar case in Edmonton where residents in the area woke to an “apocalyptic morning” sometime last week as reported by Global News (image to the right is taken from Global News). Many people described orange skies, unlike anything they had ever seen before. This isn’t just the case with nearby cities in Alberta though. Areas with thick smog as a result of the fires are experiencing extremely high indexes when air quality is measured.

Statistics have also taken a look at the air quality of areas on Victoria Island compared to those of large cities in China and India. CTV News in Victoria claims that on a scale of 1 to 10, the air quality in Victoria has maxed out the highest level. They even go on to say that the air quality is very similar to that in Mumbai and Shanghai. This comes as a huge surprise!

As for the residents, children and seniors are advised to stay indoors while warnings are circulating to spend as less time outside as possible. This comes as there has been a spike in the number of people that urge to seek medical care all over the province. Those in potentially dangerous areas of outbursts are advised to stay safe and out of way. Environmentalists are hopeful in saying that the smoke should clear in about a weeks time. However, no one really knows how long it will be until the threat of these fires will die down.

If you’re interested in the conditions, states and even names of the fires, here’s a link to a regularly updated map of the areas affected by fires, with special thanks to Google.

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